Boys Hostel :     Capacity 60 students with single occupancy

Girls Hostel :     Capacity 60 students with single occupancy

Facilities :       - Cot
                       - Cupboard
                       - Table
                       - Chair
                       - Ceiling Fan
                       - Dining Hall
                       - Recreation Hall
                       - Visitor’s Room
                       - Water is available round the clock

                       - Rector Quarter for Girls Hostel

Hostel Fees Details :

Sr. No. Description Amount
1.  Admission Fees Rs.10/- 
2.  Room Rent Rs.1000/- 
3.  Electricity Charges Rs.750/- 
4.  Water Charges Rs.250/- 
5.  Service Charges Rs.500/- 
6.  Caution Money Rs.200/- 
   Total Rs.2710/- 


Minority Girls Hostel

  • The Facility, 70% seats of the total, is granted for minority girl students and 30% seats for others allotted as per State Govt. reservation rules.

  • Preference will be given to candidate having parents annual income or joint income of not more than Rs. 2,50,000/-. For such students there is 100% concession in fees.

  • Application in prescribed format should be submitted to the office. For complete details and application form visit

  • Capacity 100 shared occupancy (admissions as per State Govt. rules)

Fees Details (per semister) :

Sr. No. Description Amount
1.  Room Rent Rs.1000/- 
2.  Electricity Charges Rs.750/- 
3.  Water Charges Rs.250/- 
4.  Student Welfare Rs.300/- 
5.  Medical Examination Rs.50/- 
6.  Caution Money Rs.500/- 
   Total Rs.2850/- 


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