Executive Summary of UGC Minor research Projects

  1. Plant Bioinformatics: A study as a tool for biological conservation of some major oil crops in form of electronic database

    PI: Dr. R. A. Satpute Ref. No 47-1458/10 (WRO) - dated 7th October 2010

  2. Optimization of Laccase Production from Potential Laccase Producer Isolated from Mixed Microbial Culture of Dyeing Textiles Effluent

    PI: Dr. Mrs. S. M. Dharmadhikari Ref.No.47-2136/11(WRO) - dated 8th March 2012

  3. Studies on production, process optimization, kinetics and clinical application of fungal asparaginases

    PI: Dr. Mrs. S. A. Peshwe Ref.No.47-1631/10(WRO) - dated 6th March 2011

  4. Comparative Genotoxicity Profile of Some Pesticides

    PI: Mr. S. G. Kulkarni Ref. No 47-1676/10 (WRO) - dated 16 Mar 2011

  5.  “Action Profile of certain plant extracts in modification of gamma irradiation response

    PI: Mrs. V. N. Wadekar Ref.No 47-1677/10 (WRO) - dated 16 Mar 2011

  6.  “Isolation and characterization of salt tolerant (halotolerant and halophilic) bacteria from Lonar crater, MS India and their screening for extracellular halostable enzymes

    PI: Dr. A. G. Jadhav Ref.No 47-1635/10 WRO - dated 1st May 2011

  7.  “Environmental Impact of Aurangabad Township with Emphasis on SPM, Groundwater and Noise Pollution

    PI: Dr. S. M. Deshpande Ref.No 47-1510/10 WRO

  8.  “Petrological and Geochemical Studies on the Kimberlites of Timmasamudram Kimberlite Cluster, Wajrakarur Kimberlite Field, Eastern Dharwar Craton, South India

    PI: Dr. A. N. Dongre Ref.No 47-1513/10 WRO - dated 07 July 2010 & 01 Jan 2013


    PI: Dr. J. J. Bhuktar Ref No.. 47-517/12 (WRO) dated 7th MARCH 2013

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