Important Notice - Non CET Admission

Admission for the Vacant seats in Botany, Biophysics and Geology


Important Notice for Spot Admissions

Spot admissions for vaccant seats in the following subjects Botany, Biophysics, Biotechnology and Microbiology is scheduled on 22nd July 2019. Candidates who had appeared for PG CET 2019-20 can registered on same day up to 12.00 noon.


General Merit Lists & First Provisional Admission Lists - PG 2019-20

  • Biotechnology
  • Botany
  • Microbology
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    General Merit Lists & First Provisional Admission Lists - PG 2019-20

    General Merit Lists First Provisional Admission List
  • Biophysics
  • Biophysics
  • Biotechnology
  • Biotechnology
  • Botany
  • Botany
  • Geology
  • Geology
  • Microbology
  • Microbology
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          Important Notice for Sstudents appeared for PG-CET 2019

    Documents submission notified earlier for M.Sc.First year admission has been extended upto 10th July 2019 till 5 pm

    PG-CET-2019 Results






    Eligibility of the student seeking admission for –

    Biophysics :

    • B.Sc.  Degree  with  one  of  the  following  subjects  as  optional:  Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics, Biochemistry & Biotechnology OR
    • B.Pharm OR
    • B.Sc. Integrated in Biotechnology / Bioinformatics

    Biotechnology :

    • All Science Graduates / B.Pharm. / B.Sc.(Agri.)
    • Admission through Entrance Examination.
    • Date of Entrance Examination will be notified.
    • Minimum 45% marks  (40% for reserved category)
    • Minimum 45% marks  (40% for reserved category)

    Botany :

    • B.Sc. Degree with Botany as one of the optional.
    • Minimum 45% marks  (40% for reserved category)

    Geology :

    • B.Sc. Degree with Geology as one of the optional.
    • Minimum 45% marks  (40% for reserved category)

     Microbiology :

    • B.Sc. Degree with Microbiology as one of the optional.
    • Minimum 45% marks  (40% for reserved category)



    1. Fees for the M.Sc. Course are as follows :

    Govt. Fees in Rs.

    Non-Govt. Fees in Rs.

    University Fees in Rs.

    Tution fees          - 1000/-

    1.Student  council          - 50/-

    1. e-Facilty                      - 50/-

    Admission fees    -    25/-

    2.Gymkhana                  - 15/-

    2. N.S.S.                        - 10/-

    Laboratory fees    -  300/-

    3.Medical Examination   - 15/-

    3. Disaster(Apatkalin)      - 20/-


    4.Library                        - 50/-

    4. Sports                       - 50/-


    5.Institute Examination   - 25/-

    5. Students welfare          - 20/-


    6.Gathering                    - 50/-

    6. Ashwamegh              - 04/-


    7.Identity  Card               - 20/-

    7. Avishkar                   - 04/-


    8.Magazine                    - 75/-

    8. Indradhanush            - 04/-


    9.S.A.F.                         - 10/-

    9. Avahan                     - 04/-


    10.Sports                       - 50/-

    10. Abhiyan fees           - 04/-

    11.Students welfare         - 10/-
    11. University                - 05/-
    12.Caution Money           - 50/-

    12. Vasantrao kale Swabhiman Shikshan Yojana (Earn & learn)                -10/-

    13.Library Deposit            - 50/-

    13. Yuvak Mahotsav                -50/-

                    Total  = Rs.1325/-

                         Total = Rs.470/-

                             Total = Rs.235/-

    Total = Rs.2030/-

    1. Foreign students on admission will have to pay the amount of tuition fees as prescribed by the University.

    2. Caution Money and Library Deposit are refundable when the student leaves the Institute on getting NOC from the concerned Department. A student should apply for refund of the same within one complete year, after he/ she actually leaves the Institute either by obtaining the leaving certificate or by informing in writing of his/ her intention to leave the Institute. Or within one complete financial year after the date of successful completion of the course, whichever is earlier.

    3. a. Caution Money and Library Deposit if not claimed by the student within the prescribed time limit will be forfeited.

      b. A student discontinuing studies for the M.Sc. course is required to give satisfactory reasons for doing so, otherwise the tuition fees and Library deposit are liable to be forfeited.



    Rules And Regulations

    Every Student shall adhere strictly to the undertaking given in application form and to the conduct of rules.

    (i) Students should produce their Identity Card on demand when they are in the premises of the Institute.
    (ii) Students are expected to maintain discipline and behave in polite manner while they are in the Institute premises. They should not act in any way which would undermine the expected high tradions of the Institute.
    (iii) Students must not remain absent from the Institute classes or examinations without the prior permission from the concerned Head of the Department.
    (iv) Students must attend more then 75% of theory & practical classes and they must show satisfactory performance in the first and second terminal examinations. Failing which the student will not be allowed to appear for the University Final Examination. (GR.NO. TEH 3396(3428 Vm.{e. _§Ìmb` {dñVma ^dZ, _w§~B© 400 032, 17-4-96) E.B.C. and G.O.I. Scholarship holder must have 75% attendance and satisfactory performance in all the examinations of the Institute (vide G.R.No. E.B.C.-1037/39442/949/MBK-2 dated 7-9-1988).
    (v) Extra Curricular activities and functions of the students forum will be performed in the Institute in consultation with and after obtaining prior permission from the Director, Institute has established Alumni Association. All the students completing the M.Sc. courses from Institute are encouraged to become members.
    (vi) Guests shall be invited to deliver lectures in the Institute after seeking the permission from Director.
    (vii) Students must do nothing either inside or outside the Institute that will interfere with the orderly governance and discipline of the Institute.
    (viii) Students are strictly prohibited from smoking and chewing tobacco in the Institute premises. They are advised not to spoil the walls and corridors. They are expected to help to maintain Institute premises neat and clean.
    (ix) Students should be vigilant and take care to see that the books, equipments and any Institute material they use are not damaged and see that the Institute does not suffer any loss because of their negligence.
    (x) Research students submitting synopsis and / or thesis for Doctorate degree of the University are required to submit the same through the Director of the Institute after obtaining. No Dues Certificate from the concerned Department and all other departments, library and Office. The Ph.D. students will hand over a copy of his/her thesis/dissertation/Research paper to the Office of the Institute before submission to the University.
    (xi) Research students will return all the apparatus issued to him / her to the Laboratory Assistant / Stores Officer. He / She shall return the Library books issued to him/her in time.
    (xii) The decision of the Director shall be final in matter pertaining to discipline and penalties imposed on those violating the rules and undermining discipline of the Institute.
    (xiii) To qualify for appearing the University Examination a student.
    - Must attend not less than 75% of the lectures and practicals.
    - Must satisfy the Institute authorities with regard to his / her proficiency and academic fitness in the subject by showing good performance in the Institute examinations and seminars conducted during the academic year.
    - No student should remain absent from the Institute without the prior permission of the Director. In case of absence due to illness, a medical certificate from the Registered Medical Practitioners should be submitted and such absence should be reported to the Director immediately. Medical Certificates should be submitted within 10 days from the first day of the absence on account of illness. In such cases a 10% relaxation in the attendance will be considered.
    - The Director reserves the right of allowing / disallowing any student from appearing for the University examination on recommendation of the committee. However, the decision of the Director will be final.
    (xiv) Legal matters Subject to Aurangabad Jurisdiction.
    (xv) Any item not covered by the above rules lies under the discretionary powers of the Director.

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